Posted on September 20, 2020

The Divine Compassion Community has joined the Charter for Compassion. What follows are the commitment statements of the ADCs, CDCs and RDCs. 


In joining the Charter of Compassion the Associates of the Divine Compassion accept the invitation to seek justice, equity and respect for every human being.  We want to witness God’s compassionate presence in our world.

We recognize that compassion, kindness and mercy can restore a world separated by division, selfishness and misery.  We want to be more aware to the signs of the times.

We commit to being people of hope using our God given talents to shed light on a world in need of compassion. We open our eyes and hearts to see the suffering of others and not hesitate to embrace them.


As Companions in the community of the Divine Compassion, we join the Charter of Compassion with open hearts.

We commit to being compassionate to ourselves, accepting that we are not perfect and forgiving ourselves for our mistakes knowing that if compassion does not include ourselves, then it is incomplete.

We commit to creating a space where the uniqueness of each person, without exception, is celebrated and where each person is treated with absolute justice, equity and respect.

We acknowledge our interdependence with each other, and the earth and we commit to living simply, and to using our natural resources sparingly hoping that our global home will be healed.

We commit to journeying together empowered by the love of God sustaining and creating communities of compassion.


 In joining the Charter of Compassion community we Sisters seek to deepen our vowed life together and our efforts to be Divine Compassion for the world. 

We commit to pouring ourselves out upon humankind, upon all creation, retaining nothing. Creating God refreshes our spirit.

We commit to right relationship by embracing the darkness and light of ourselves and each person.  Creating God shows us our oneness.

We commit to listening deeply to all people and to our own heart’s voices; we further commit to speaking what is needed to bring universal justice. Creating God leads us to communion.