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Our community of the Divine Compassion includes Sisters, Associates, Companions, Volunteers and Friends on mission locally and globally

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Our Mission

In each of our ministries we endeavor to witness God’s love and compassion.

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We rely on your generosity to help people in need every day.

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“The cry of the children is a loud one which will be heard sooner or later. If we hear it now and answer with ready hearts there is every hope for them.”
—Mother Mary Veronica

Introducing the Divine Compassion sentence book

Posted on July 31, 2014
Click on Our Mission and then select Spirituality. You might want to begin the day pondering our mantra: "Divine Compassion now, always and everywhere"

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Humanitarian Crisis at U.S. Southern Border

Posted on July 31, 2014

Recently Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, a member of the USCCB’s Committee for Migration, released a statement on the current heart-wrenching crisis of unaccompanied minors from Mexico and Central America seeking safety in our country. Follow this link for Bishop Taylor’s complete statement in which he suggests some steps we might all take to support the children crossing the border. 

For background on what these children are coming from -- running to us for their lives -- read the following piece entitled  "What You Don't Know About Migrant Children May Kill Them"... [Read more]

“Divine Compassion now, always and everywhere”

Posted on July 23, 2014

The Community of the Divine Compassion has used our Sentence Book each morning for decades to gather its members around a single inspiring thought. We updated our book in 2011 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of our founding, and now include the words of many sages, current and ancient.

Beginning on August 1st we will offer our sentences to all of you each morning in the Spirituality section of the site. Each saying will be headed by our mantra – Divine Compassion now, always and everywhere, a peaceful way to start the day, and will also include... [Read more]

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