Below are reasons why those that have been blessed to know the Sisters of the Divine Compassion continue to support them.


I have been the beneficiary of two of the missions of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion, having attended Good Counsel Elementary and GCA High School. Those were joyous years of growth for me, made possible by the loving investment made in me by the Sisters.  I have gone on to have a solid career in the secular world, and that career has always been guided by the lessons I learned at GCA, including the value of tradition and being part of something greater than one’s self.  These lessons of connectedness – learning to receive with gratitude then give back with joy – are so powerful!

Janis Archer

GCA Alumna – Class of ’71

Vice President Organizational Performance

New York Power Authority


I was introduced to the Sisters of the Divine Compassion in the mid-1970s, when we enrolled our son at Our Lady of Sorrows. We immediately felt the compassionate spirit of the Sisters and school.  In my mind, the world needs more compassion.  That is why I try to give back to the Sisters of the Divine Compassion by volunteering as an Associate and donating to support the mission of the RDCs.

Peg Cataldo

RDC Associate


I am a student of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion as their thread of faith and compassion continues to weave its way into my daily life. I am eternally grateful for their example of quiet faith and simple deeds.

Liz Clark

Our Lady of Sorrows-Class of ’69

GCA Alumna-Class of ‘73


Over the past four decades, we have been privileged as both parents and grandparents to experience the great works by the Sisters at Our Lady of Sorrows Grade School and Good Counsel Academy High School.  As volunteers, we have further witnessed their dedication and compassion in several of their other ministries, including Preston High School and the RDC Center for Counseling & Human Development.  It is for these reasons that we are humbled to be able to continue to support the Sisters where possible.


Helen & Mike Daly

Great friends and supporters of the RDC, and

2018 RDC Golf Classic Honorees


As devoted women of God for over 130 years, the Sisters of the Divine Compassion have served as Christ did when He washed the feet of his disciples. They have given example, and their very lives in loving service. Surely, I can share what I may have to ease them in their need, for mission and in every aspect of life. Since college days, many of the Sisters have been my life-long friends.

Colleen A. Kelly, Ph.D.

Good Counsel College Alumna