Why is it important that I consider a gift to the Founders Day of Giving?


 “I am forever grateful to the Sisters of the Divine Compassion (RDCs) for helping to form the foundation of my Catholic faith. Because of the Sisters, I continued my Catholic education, attending a Catholic University. My faith is stronger today because of the teachings and dedication of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion.”   

John Battista

St. John the Evangelist School, Mahopac, NY

“I have witnessed the Sisters of the Divine Compassion living their charism for more than twenty years. With their guidance, I had the privilege of helping empower thousands of young women at GCA High School to become their best selves—confident women and compassionate leaders. I am a better person for having worked with the Sisters in this ministry, and I continue to support them in gratitude for the amazing women with whom I had the pleasure to work and minister.”

 Julie Kaen

Good Counsel Academy High School, Dean of Students

“I will always remember the Sisters of the Divine Compassion during my formative years at John F. Kennedy High School and at St. Joseph’s School. Whether it was mastering math, learning how to become a leader or how to sew, which became a life-long skill, the Sisters were my guidance. They instilled in me the attributes of courage and compassion and above all, kindness. Beyond my school years, I am privileged to have forged friendships with some of the Sisters that continue today.”

Deborah Buckley LaPerch

John F. Kennedy High School and St. Joseph’s School Alumna


“During my four years at JFK High School, the Sisters of the Divine Compassion gave of their time and energy selflessly and cheerfully. Their vocation of teaching was motivated only by the pure joy of nurturing young minds and spirits, and serving the Lord. It makes my heart lighter knowing that my contribution will be the used to support the RDCs and further the ministries that are their legacy."

Pascal Marzella

John F. Kennedy High School Alumnus


“One of life’s many pleasures is reflecting on how much the Sisters of the Divine Compassion (RDCs) meant to me throughout my childhood and how strong their influence continues today, well over fifty years later.  The Sisters still remain my true moral compass today in my personal, family and professional life.  I owe everything to those formative years, and the love and dedication we all received from the RDCs.”

Thomas E. Merkel

St. Mary’s School Alumnus


“I am happy to support the Sisters of Divine Compassion, and feel blessed that they have been part of my life since before I was born, having educated three generations of my family. The Sisters have been my teachers, mentors and friends – relationships I treasure to this day. I am happy to contribute my time, expertise and support to the RDC Community for the impact they made on my life and thousands of others, who continue to benefit from their influence on our education, and more importantly, our character, faith and lives.” 

Lavelle Dwyer Shields

St. Mary’s School Alumna
Good Counsel College Alumna

“Especially worthy of attention in these times, is the concept of gratitude. In addition to my family and friends, I am grateful to the Sisters of the Divine Compassion, who were my high school teachers. They live in the joy of Christ and taught us, through example, what it means to love. I cannot think of a group more deserving of my gratitude and support than the women of this wonderful order of Sisters.”

Matthew Sullivan

John F. Kennedy High School Alumnus


“I am a proud graduate of the Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School.  The older I get, the more grateful I am to the Sisters for the education of heart, spirit and mind they provided to me, my four sisters and so many young women! Their enduring examples of faithfully living their vocation, and their desire to share healing compassion with others continues to inspire me and informs the choices I make in life. I support the RDCs with deep gratitude and appreciation for the lasting gifts of faith and friendship that they continue to bestow on our lives, our families and the communities they serve.”

Jennifer Mullery Talbot

Good Counsel Academy High School Alumna


“I was lucky to have had the Sisters teach and inspire me for 12 years (St John’s and JFK). Since a child, they have held a special place in my heart. Sr Mary David, Sr Judith, Sr Ann, Sr Barbara, Sr Christopher and Sr Jane to name a few. Thank you and may God bless you.”

Julie Tracy
St. John the Evangelist, Kennedy HS Alumna