For 134 years, the Sisters of the Divine Compassion (RDCs) have been the compassionate presence of God in our world - in our homes, parishes, communities and schools.  So many women, men, children and families have been blessed by their relationships with the Sisters.

With this in mind, a group of “Divine Compassion Alumni and Friends” are joining together again this year to give back to the Sisters who dedicated their lives to serving so many of us. No matter how the Sisters came into our lives, we all agree that their guidance, grace and compassion helped shape who we are today, as well as who our children and grandchildren have become.

On July 2, 2020, we ask that you join with us, your fellow Divine Compassion alumni and friends, to thank the Sisters for their quiet, constant and compassionate influence on our lives. By donating what you can, you will contribute to the ongoing care and support of the Sisters, so they can continue to live in mission longer, more safely and in community with other Sisters.  Additionally, we are helping to extend their mission of compassion to individuals, families and communities locally and around the world! 

The beauty of this campaign is that anyone can be involved.  Whether you give $10 or $10 million – making a donation is simple and easy online by credit card, by check mailed to the Sisters or by contacting the RDC Advancement Office to arrange a Foundation or Planned gift! If your company has a Matching Gift program, we encourage you to request a matching gift to the Sisters, as well!

Whether a Sister was your teacher, therapist, advocate, family member or friend, we encourage you to reflect on her influence on your life and the memories you share, and support the RDCs by donating to the Founders’ Day of Giving online fundraising campaign.