Founders’ Day of Giving: Questions & Answers

What is the Meaning of Founders Day?

The Sisters of the Divine Compassion Congregation was founded in 1886 by Mother Mary Veronica and her spiritual advisor and guide, Monsignor Thomas S. Preston. On July 2, 1886, two postulants received the habit as Sisters of the Divine Compassion, and Sr. Mary de Chantal (Catharine Greene) pronounced her vows.  With this ceremony the community was officially founded. 

Since that time, the Sisters of the Divine Compassion have designated July 2 as their official Founding Day. This year marks the 133rd anniversary of the Founding. Each year at this time, the Sisters of the Divine Compassion join with family and friends to honor our Founders and thank our donors and volunteers for their time, treasure and talent.

What is the mission and vision of the Sisters of the Diving Compassion?

The mission remains the same – Empowered by God’s love, the Sisters of the Divine Compassion are called to be the compassionate presence of God in the world.

As we walk together into the next decade of the 21st century, the RDCs have a renewed focus on interdependence. True to the spirit of community and collaboration, the Sisters continue to walk hand in hand with people toward self-sufficiency and wholeness. This is the mission and spirituality of the Congregation.

The Sisters, Associates and Companions of the Divine Compassion together with their colleagues, donors, and volunteers work to enable the liberation and empowerment of people, especially men, women and children who are marginalized, oppressed and paralyzed by lack of resources and meaning in their lives.

The RDC-sponsored and diverse ministries serve as greenhouses for the practice of compassion. They represent our commitment to focus on mission, stewardship, and lay leadership in collaboration with dedicated administrators, staff, board members and volunteers.

The Sisters remain a community and compassion continues to call them forward together!


Why does the Congregation need to fundraise?  

The Sisters of the Divine Compassion currently have a manageable financial base; however, as compensation for the Sisters’ services continue to diminish due to retirement and the cost of taking care of the Sisters continues to rise, there is a widening gap between revenue and expenses.

With the support of our donors and positive developments in our fundraising efforts, we will continue to manage the gap, so we can advance our mission and legacy.

Our mission continues in our ministries, including counseling, spiritual companionship, social justice advocacy, prayer, education and compassion centers, serving individuals and families in need.

Are the Sisters of the Divine Compassion sponsoring the Founders’ Day of Giving?

No. Friends of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion are organizing this 24-hour, online fundraising campaign. We want to express our support and appreciation to the RDCs for all they have given to generations of families, parishes and communities.

The Sisters of the Divine Compassion are the beneficiaries of the Founders’ Day of Giving campaign.  They approve and support our efforts on their behalf.

What does the Founders’ Day of Giving support?

Unless otherwise specified, your gift to the Founders’ Day of Giving will be designated as follows:

Sisters’ Care & Support                       70%
Congregation Expenses                      18%
Employee Salaries & Benefits             12%


May I earmark my Founders’ Day of Giving gift?

Of course!  Founders’ Day of Giving gifts can be earmarked as follows:

General Operating Expenses
Sisters’ Care & Support
Sisters’ Retirement
In honor or memory of a Sister
In honor or memory of a family member, friend, classmate, etc.