Founders’ Day of Giving

Founders' Day of Giving video.

Dear Founders’ Day of Giving Donors,

On behalf of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity, kindness and support!  You are each a true blessing to us! We are so excited to read the memories you shared this year!

Our experience is that each beginning will bring an ending. And each ending promises a new beginning. Today is a day of endings and beginnings. We will pray in thanksgiving for you, and ask for God’s blessings upon you and your families.

May passion compel you.

May injustice disturb you.

May hope comfort you.

May true friendship be yours through joy and hardship.

May you sometimes get it right.

May you laugh and learn when you don’t.

May peace surround you.

May love permeate you.

May gratitude overwhelm you.

May compassion guide you.

May our Lady of Good Counsel inspire and protect you.

And may the Divine Compassion continue to be on your lips and
in your hearts – that in all you say and do, you may please God.  Amen!



Sr. Laura Donovan, President


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