Stations of the Children’s Cross

Mother Mary Veronica, RDC said at the turn of the last century, “The cry of the children is a loud one which will be heard sooner or later. If we hear it now and answer with ready hearts, there is every hope for them.”

With these words our Foundress gave voice to the charism of the Community of the Divine Compassion. In 2018 we find that we are still called to respond to the cries of a new population of children -- those who have been taken from their families at our border and have been relocated to institutional facilities, several of which are in Westchester County. While an effort has been made to reunite these little ones with their families, many remain separated for a variety of complicated reasons -- and they are suffering and will continue to suffer until they are with their families again.

We are praying for these children, for their healing, for their well-being, for their families. The gallery below follows the Stations of the Cross with images that portray the children's stark reality. Pray with us.

Immigration station1