RDC Poetry October 2019

Place for Prayer



by Alice Feeley, RDC



Is everywhere.

Red headed bird appears through dense fog.

Surf sounds play endless rhythms against the sand.

Milky Way promises paths through star lit skies.

Eyes meet, spirits are known, a hand comforts,

dawn is on fire.


Where we pray is anywhere.

Ambulance lights illuminate twisted metal,

frightened faces. We pray anywhere

need outruns our measured steps,

where worlds collapse and we are left

blindsided, disappointed, waiting in confusion

for what we do not know.


We like to set apart what’s special,

create a sacred space to meet what is holy,

be moved by mystery. Arched sanctuaries,

roadside shrines, wood and stone for altar offerings,

dedicated room or corner cleared for symbol, memory.

We stand, we sit, surround ourselves

with beauty directing us beyond. We sing, we pray,

breathe in fragrance of silence…


Always enough silence to let us change, turn around.

Always a place of connection, communion

where we can live the truth of us.

Where we pray is everywhere

we leave space

to wait.