RDC Poetry January 2020 b

Consciousness Evolution



Becoming a different person



by Terry Young, RDC



Reflections on the invention of the wheel.
How has the wheel changed me?
I am evolved, different than... or different from... ?
...when I rode my three wheeler in Purchase, NY,
...when I rode my scooter in Bethlehem, PA,
...when I was given a two wheeler Schwinn from my Grammy,
...when at 16 I drove a ‘38 Chevy floor stick shift in Armonk, NY,
...when I stepped up to a steering wheel shift on a ‘50 navy blue Ford.
When in 1959, I evolved into who I thought I would become!
Amazing. Mature. Grown up. Seriously.
Then driving a family car, a ‘69 Ford Falcon. Wow!
Now we’re really getting there.
Then the arrival of station wagons built for eight.
And now a nifty 2010 crossover community owned Honda.
Getting wherever I wanted to go was the main goal.
So far. So good!
Maybe all wheels will evolve to expanding mind travel.
Dreaming, contemplating, or counting on someone else,
In another realm of creative consciousness.
When and where ever.
tjy, an epiphany on 01/05/2020