RDC Poetry April 2021


The Plan


by Terry Young, RDC


We have a conscious, 

communal, cosmic voice.

Not just in our world, 

small or big as it may be...

God has a plan, a really big plan, 

a magnificent plan, 

a plan of cosmic proportions, 

beyond our wildest dreams,

We, you and I, 

every created being, thought included, 

the entire communal entity of planet earth, 

past, present and to come, 

we have an essential part to play. 

Do not put yourself down 

no matter how insignificant 

you view your life to be.

The voices of each and every being, 

consciously leaving footprints 

free from prejudice, violence, apathy, 

bring the plan forward 

to a fulfillment beyond imagining.