RDC Poetry May 24

Blessing for the Day



by Alice Feeley, RDC



May I awake, 

may we awake

in thankfulness and memory

of constant stars still lighting what is dark,

believing that Your Spirit feeds

our hungers deep and scarcely known

our breath that will not end with me or us.


Keep me awake, 

keep us awake

for the journey of this day

unclouded by expectation,

eyes sharp for surprise.

Close our distance from who we really are.

Remind us You are everywhere.


Teach me, teach us

to wait in silence

so love has space to enter in.

Gather what seems lost and shattered. 

Shape the pieces for new light.

We will begin again.

Make us always willing.


Free us,

free me

from fear that grasps at

phantom futures.

In Your Presence

I am not invisible,

we are not made fools.

Lift me,

lift us

with the light touch of trust.

When suffering comes,

turn my eyes, turn our hands, 

and all our hearts to compassion.


Set the table

where there’s always a place

for me, for them,

for us.


May I rest tonight knowing we are one.

May we rest tonight knowing we are one.