RDC Poetry February 2021




by Maureen McMahon, RDC


The moment anticipated has arrived.

Body stripped, ready and waiting

for the touch that comforts and heals.


The scent of oil recalls the “CHILD”

the “little one” who knew a mother’s care

what it was like to be held and caressed.


 JOY     -     fills my being!

The timely kneading begins.

Knots are loosened, tense muscles relax.

My tired body needs these strokes.


Cares, anxieties, fears diminish.

As my body warms to the hands it feels

a “letting go” takes place.


HOPE     -     fills my being!

In the gentleness of the touch

strength is experienced.

My body seems hungry at this moment.


Drinking in the scented oil

dry, dead skin is smoothed

Middle aged limbs find refreshment.


CONTENTMENT     -     fills by being!

The action is paused for a moment.

Dancing hands begin again.

A sense of urgency is felt.


Has the time come for a burial?

Does the preparation need hastening?

What needs to die for new life to begin?


A QUESTION      -     fills my being!

A sense of over responsibility in shoulders strong?

Some stored sadness in a back that aches?

The need to control in feet ‘dug in?’


What of the need to be right

in a scared heart held tight?

Too much afraid of the loss.


CONFUSION       -     fills my being!

Then a familiar voice is heard

to calm and temper my fears.

“It is I who anoint you tonight.”


My longing soul knows this One.

“Give in to Me,” she hears.

“I am all Yours,” she responds.


PEACE   -     fills my being!

The precious hands have stopped.

They are felt in tranquil blessing.

New life surges and begins again.


Long lasting fidelity is promised.

A re-newed covenant is made.

Deep and unconditional love is known.


TRUTH  -     fills my being!