Vows for the Whole World—No Exceptions

by Lori DeGiorgio, RDC


Poverty: I will pour myself out upon creation, retaining nothing, knowing that Creator God renews and grows my spirit.

This speaks of my experience of God as Abundance, inexhaustible and available, and my desire to be “as God” to all.

Chastity: Living in right relationship, I will embrace my darkness and light, and that of each person in order to bring wholeness.

This speaks of the movement of my spirit “upward” in a spiral that, in each successive turn, brings more wisdom, less illusion to the next turning – movement can only occur in response to God’s grace, more particularly, a capacity to be aware of grace and to be held gently in it. It further speaks to my inter-relationships wherein both are urged toward wholeness – my incremental growth seeds that of others as their growth seeds mine.  

Obedience: Mindful that God’s Truth is revealed in many ways, I will listen deeply to the murmurings of my spirit, and those of all others, and will speak what is needful for communion without reserve.

This speaks of my desire to “see” our God more and more clearly in order to move through my life more authentically and compassionately.