by Maureen McMahon, RDC



The morning air was still cool,

 refreshing me as I walked.


My being needs time for solitude. 

 quiet places to pause, to listen.


Feeling very grateful to be alive,

 I thanked my unseen Friend.


"You've favored me with precious gifts,

 that delight, and renew my spirit.


What return can I give You?"

 Expectantly I wait to hear.


The peaceful forest stretches before me,

 darkness and light are intertwined.


Gently, softly He begins to speak.

 "See the path opening ahead?


It will lead you into Love;

 My love, a Divine Mystery.


If you choose to walk it,

 I will be with you.


I will hold and lead you.

 Never will I abandon you."


Longing to go further into LOVE

 I search out my 'yes'.


My hopes and fears are known

 still He beckons and invites.


"Dear Friend, gift me, grace me

 with the courage to accept."


"You have the strength within you.

 Go deeper. Find it there."


Moments pass, stillness fills the air.

 Shafts of sunlight warm me.


To be chosen and blessed,

 I could only respond, YES.


"In You I find my delight.

 Today I entrust myself again.


With Your love and Your grace

 I will never need more."


The WAY seems less lonely now.

 Together we will walk it."