Like Any Other Day

by Terry Young, RDC


Is today like any other day?

Is the day of your birth like any other day?

Was last Saturday like any other day?

Was the day your loved one died like any other day?

Was the day your grandchild was born like any other day?

No day. NO DAY. Absolutely no day is like every other day.

Every day has a story, a lesson, a shade of many colors,

a different song that played.

Pay attention.

What did the story of today’s color and music bring to your life?

Reflect. Re-collect all the minutes, moments and communions today.

This particular day will not be repeated. Ever.

Not at any time in your life nor in anyone else’s life. Ever.

It was a special day, a unique and special day only in your life.

Be thankful for what you missed,

For what you heard and what you saw,

the words you spoke and love you shared.

For what you forgot and for what you remember.

No day is like any other day.

No day is like any other.

Rest well in the memory of its gifts.

Every day is a new story.