Jesus and the Children

by Lori DeGiorgio, RDC


Jesus’ tender love for children radiates throughout the gospels – he draws them to him, holds them, heals them, tends to their needs, even raises them from the dead. In Shrove Tuesday’s gospel from Mark Jesus is also very clear about the position of children in cosmic order of things: they are central. Ponder this: Jesus takes a child, places him in the midst of the disciples, encircles him with his arms, and says to them, “Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me; and whoever receives me, receives not me but the One who sent me.”

Receive the child, receive Jesus, receive his creator God – all these are one.

Our Divine Compassion Community was created in imitation of Jesus’ love of children, to embrace and empower NYC street children living in desperate circumstances. In the House of the Holy Family girls and young women were treated with love, dignity and care. These gifts of Spirit took root in their hearts, and they grew to womanhood affirmed in their worth and inner beauty.

Now, in our time, the children confined at our southern border also need to experience the Divine Compassion in order to maintain their humanity, perhaps even their sanity.

We can assist through our praying for them, sending our love and empathy – together as the Divine Compassion community, with groups of friends and family, alone in our homes. No good sentiment is too small to positively affect these innocents. What can irreparably harm them, though, is our indifference.

Please, come receive the child, receive Jesus, receive God.