A Tale of the Mustard Seed

by Lori DeGiorgio, RDC


A seed transported to the black dirt country, buried only lightly at first – but then, hearts won, it found its home deep down, growing roots that extended broadly – shoots sent up through the rich soil – watered by the love of God, of sisters and families – stems grew skyward kissed by the sun, the rain, the people – weeds, nowhere to be found – branches rose and parted, laden with leaves and flowers in due season


And still the tree’s roots grew deeper – summers brought fruit that fed the birds and the children – an abundance that the children shared with each other—and the adults who only rarely stopping to look at the change in the land, felt the change in their hearts now beating to an enlivened rhythm – laughter transforms, tears nurture little seedlings, lessons are learned, silent reverence bursts into circle song – the birds wait their turn, their thoughts to a meal, everyone sings their songs of gratitude that fly to the heavens


The observant eye spots nests tenderly constructed among the strong branches – some hold new life only for a season – their hatchlings fly off to new adventure – others welcome back the children, the families, season after season, and still returning to a place of love and peace


In the shade of the tree life springs up from the waters of a pool – in the keeping of our foremothers, blest by loving-kindness of our priest – heat relieved – children suspended and upheld by the water – staring up at a cloudless sky – then, the warmth of a sun-drenched towel – sitting knee to knee, reveling in the fruits of the earth served up by pure love


The tree’s branches, once so straight have grown wild and bend to new places – occupied by new and singular flowers – who could have known that one seed could contain such variety? People, shades uncounted – all happily anticipated in our tree, all to be cherished and then dispersed, transformed


Some seeds, now unfolding from the highest branches are winged – the winds will carry them near and far – sometimes gently – sometimes with the violence needed to bring change


We rejoice for we know God’s secret – not well-kept: that when one has been touched by love, everything changes for all time – for each one and for us all – God encodes in our very DNA the surety of love, of ever-forward movement, and of remembrance of the love that began it all.      Adelante!!