Divine Compassion Reflections

Our Community reanimates our mission "to be the compassionate presence of God in our world" in many ways. Most recently we have undertaken writing and sharing reflections on people, places and events of great importance to us, and by extension to our way of being and our work. 

To begin, the RDCs have been most greatly influenced by our founders and the works they initiated and so many continued. The common life they created over 125 years ago has been adapted to our times, as all cultures and systems must in order to remain vibrant. Today one thing we RDCs know without question is that our common life provides uncounted opportunities for learning how to be with each other authentically and with ever-deepening compassion. Lessons learned about love, acceptance, and forgiveness become a part of our spiritual DNA. We try to pour out what we have learned about these things into all  our relationships.

The reflections we offer for your own journeys bear the hope that you will find joy, peace and perhaps some wisdom in them. Feel free to share them as you wish. Click here  for the first in the series.

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