Terry Young, RDC

Art - Oil painting, drawing, pastels, watercolor, colored pencils, etc.


Looking across the classroom I saw “Carolyn” doing a pencil sketch.

That was eighth grade. 1952.

Thinking to myself, I could do that.

And so I did. And that’s how it started.

First pencil followed by oil paint and pastels.

Many years later a plunge into watercolors.

Colored pencils and watercolor brushes recently added.

Now it’s a mix of much of the above.

Just for fun.

Once I told my very best friend, my mother,

I wished I would have studied art instead of science.

Her answer went something like this-

Be the artist of your soul.

Really? Seriously.

I think everyone is an artist of their soul, 

Always creating newness without and within.

Not sure how old I was but it seemed to come out of the blue.

Blue! My favorite color.

So now I am learning from all kinds of people,

learning how to be an artist of whatever kind I can be.

Writers, thinkers, speakers,

strangers and friends, and

the “friends” I discover in books, at gatherings.

Learning comes from all people,

from near and far away in time and in foreign distant places.