Fran Liston, RDC

What drew me to the arts? 

3 things come to mind:

- As a child I got a letter from Santa Claus with a drawn picture of himself for me! (done by my brother). I showed it to everybody and I played to draw it myself. Not bad! 

-As a teenager, a woman came to our house to ask me if I would do some art work for her; she had just become a director of a new summer camp and she wanted “to spiff it up with some art.”
 Her plan for me:
 To carve a circular wooden sign indented with a profile of a Native American. She gave me the wood, the tools and paint. Nice surprise/Awesome Result! 
 She also wanted me to do calligraphy for notices she was going to send out. In came the ink and pens; same results, same surprise:  All new to me! And she paid me very well. Another big surprise!

Ready for college: I wanted to go for art.
My father said NO as I was ”going to wind up in an attic STARVING!” (OK, OK, Dad!)
Part of my English major required engaging with theater. (Aha!)  I was assigned to staging. Whoo! I was great at it; I not only learned how to design and paint, I learned how to build! I got an A and everybody wanted to be my partner!!  

During the Novitiate Joan sent me to Alphonsus in GCHS to be mentored which prepared me to teach art at Preston after Janet Meehan was sent to Kennedy. All good!

Franniemexican hat