The Good Shepherd

The image of the Good Shepherd is one which has been made more endearing by Pope Francis, one of whose photos shows him in action.  The message is clear. Jesus, healer, rescuer and one who loves, calls us to listen for love’s voice and desires that we become whole. The Rescuer carries us through what we fear and seeks us when we are lost.  Because we are called to life, as Beloved of God we will be made whole, if we but allow it.

In the words of Ilia Delio, osf in her book, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being:

“In the end it is love that matters; all else will pass away.  We need a thoughtful love, a wisdom that sees and knows more deeply; a faith that trusts in the power of God who lives beneath our wings.  Ours is the age of something radically new; it is more than a reformation; it is an evolution in love.  It is not simply we humans who are in evolution but God who seeks to evolve- to become more being in love, more conscious, more God at the heart of the universe.  This is the truth that sets us free, the light that eludes our sight; we are the privileged bearers of transcendence.  God cannot do what we must do for ourselves, empty our lives of inner clutter and noise so that we may welcome God within.  Only when we allow God to be God for us can God save us, because Divine love can do no other than make whole.”

“See what love the Father has bestowed on us…”

1 John 3:1