Ask Us to Dance


The Sunday readings that are bookends to this reflection are significant at this time.  The proclamation announced at Jesus’ baptism is applicable to all…

“This is my beloved…”(Mark 1:7-11)  The invitation and response of this Sunday…””Here I am , Lord”, evokes an energy that resonates with all who entertain the desire to live a life that continues God’s work on earth.  We do not know what the call will involve.  What we do know is the “Here I am” that we proclaim with a loving heart at the start of each day touches the heart of God who loves each one unconditionally.


How will we live that “Here I am”…


Ask Us To Dance

by Madeleine Delbrel


Lord, come ask us to dance.

We’re ready to dance this errand for you.

These accounts to do, this dinner to prepare, this vigil to keep when we would prefer to sleep.

We’re ready to dance for you the dance of work.

The dance of heat, and later the dance of cold.

If certain melodies are often played in minor key, we won’t tell you that they’re sad;

If others leave us a little breathless, we won’t tell you that they knock the wind out of us.

And if other people bump into us, we’ll take it with a good laugh,

Knowing well that that’s the sort of thing that happens when you’re dancing…


Make us live our life

Not like a game of chess, where every move is calculated,

Not like a contest, where everything is difficult,

Not like a math problem, which makes our head hurt,


But like an endless celebration,

Where our meeting with you is constantly new. Like a ball,

Like a dance,

In the arms of your grace,

In the universal music of love.

Lord, ask us to dance.