One doesn’t have to venture far into the writings and conferences of our founders to grasp how they understood their relationship with God.  The lived experience of both Monsignor Preston and Mother Mary Veronica was “Divine Compassion,” the heart of our individual and communal spirituality. We know that each of us, and indeed all of creation, are embraced by a loving God present in a perfect symmetry of tenderness and strength. 

Divine Compassion spirituality is filled with simple practices.  In the tradition of Sts. Francis de Sales and Jane Frances de Chantal, a Sister of the Divine Compassion strives to be kind, humble, gentle and to embody a cheerful optimism. Our founders knew well that opportunities to practice these abound in every day.

The essence of our communal hopes and aspirations was put into words by Mother Mary Veronica ~ “The secret of harmonizing labor and prayer is what we call our spirit…  We must become women of prayer; prayer must be the atmosphere of the soul, and only so can God work in us, and through us, and by us.

Finally, we are an apostolic community, one striving to bring our spirituality into mission for our world. Monsignor Preston's words to the early sisters anchor us ~ “Where is there home but in the heart of God?” He exhorts us ~ “God has been so good as to put the divine compassion into our hands that we must go and give it to others."