Posted on January 9, 2019

Alice Feeley, RDC is an extraordinary poet whose insights mirror her spirituality that she shares with all of us. She has recently published some of her work in a beautiful volume called "Tracing Thin Places." The title references a Celtic tradition describing the space where the veil that separates heaven and earth is lifted. Alice's book explores aspects of the divine incarnate in our world and our hearts in sections called Awakening, Ripening, Remembrance and Stillness. She has said that she is drawn to write poetry as a creative outlet that "aims at grasping some small aspect of the immense truth and beauty that surrounds us, and helps ground us through the uncertainties and troubles of daily life." Alice gave a reading from her book in early December and cited two writers whose views of poetry include prayer: Samuel Beckett, Irish dramatist, believed that "all poetry is prayer," and American Poet Laureate Charles Wright wrote, "The true purpose of poetry is to be a contemplation of the divine." We are blessed to have her in our midst.


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