Posted on February 25, 2020

 At The Center of Compassion, we are frequently reminded how good people can be. In September 2019, the Board of Directors and I discussed numbers of students that we could afford to feed throughout the school year. Unfortunately, there isn’t much funding for the backpack program. We had quite a few students interested in the backpack program for the school year. We realized that with rising costs of food, we would have a difficult time meeting these numbers.

After communicating with each of the three schools in our school district, one school’s secretary took it upon herself to engage the students in a little friendly competition to help the Center meet the costs for the remaining students. They competed in Penny Wars! This is essentially kids bringing in loose change from home and putting in to one big pot for each grade. Which ever grade raised the most money would win an ice cream party! In less than three weeks the students raised $2336.91! This is no exaggeration - that amount would feed the remaining students for the entire school year. Annemarie, Julie and I attended an assembly where they presented us with the check. I fought back tears as we accepted the check. We may have many local neighbors in need, but the goodness, love and support in our community is astounding!


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