Posted on September 4, 2018

STEM is an enhancement program that most colleges, many high schools and a few elementary schools are moving into, and it has arrived at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School in Elmsford!

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and at OLMC we added an “S” at the end for SERVICE. The Service component is the most important piece of the enhancement program. We have adopted the slogan, "Preparing Our Students For a Global Community" as an inspirational mandate to help others.

Innovation, curiosity and imagination are at the heart of STEMS. Our approach started off with an orientation during last year’s Fall semester. This included teacher training and participation by students in exercises that stimulated the students’ curiosity.

Sister Christi Ferrera and Mrs. Emma Fico held a three day workshop with 8th graders during which they did exercises in creative thinking, collaboration and finally, built robots.