Posted on June 1, 2017

From Dora Dekajlo, Theology faculty member and Compassion Connection moderator at Preston High School: Compassion Connection is the community outreach club at Preston High School.  Our school was founded on the principles of the Sisters of Divine Compassion – teaching our students to become compassionate leaders for change in the world.   And our club seeks to bring that compassion to the people who need it most outside the walls of our school.  While our club has an average membership of 100 students, we strive to do a variety of projects that engage as many students in our school as possible.  By consistently being visible in our many projects, Compassion Connection tends to be the most popular club at Preston.  As you’ll see in our list of projects, we do a lot of good work for a lot of people… all while having a lot of fun! At the end of the year, Compassion Connection was contacted – we won the Charity Champions competition for New York City – winning an additional $2500 for the Preston Center of Compassion!

Click here for an amazing youtube video of the girls' outreach activities -- they are legion!!