Posted on October 2, 2019

In 2000 a long time friend of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion made us an offer:  we would invite speakers to explore Compassion in the 21st Century, and our friend would fund it . Since then we have been fortunate to have  some of the finest  theologians, social activists, spiritual mentors, and authors around to share their unique perspectives on this universal charism.

*This series is intended for a broad audience inclusive of age of ages and faith traditions.


NOVEMBER 9, 2019      Berman Theater    Manhattanville College   Purchase, NY     8:30 am—noon      


Nancy Ammerman, PhD, noted sociologist will speak on Giving Voice: Story as the Gateway to the Sacred in All of Us 


No matter how far we have progressed as a species our deepest beliefs and truths will always emerge out of stories- those we tell about ourselves and those that are told about us.  

In her study of religion and spirituality Sociologist Nancy Ammerman takes us beyond the traditional and limiting measures used to determine these dimensions in people’s lives.  Her years of exploration, observation, and conversation offer us a new context that opens up a richness in the ways  we talk about what spirituality is, how we seek and find experiences we call spiritual, and how the “institutional” is a just a part of our spiritual lives.

Using stories we tell of our everyday lives, from dinner table to  work place and shopping mall to doctor’s office, about the things that matter most to us and the routines we take for granted, Ammerman helps us to recognize those moments and experiences that give life meaning and connect us to the Divine…hidden in plain sight…everywhere…


Suggested donation: $20.00      Students with College ID:  $5.00

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