Posted on December 14, 2018

Dear Friends,

How blessed are we, Sisters, Associates, Companions, to have partners in mission like each of you. You light “Christmas candles” daily as you carry your faith and love to others and enable us to do the same. Only trust and love enable the vision. We have been able to touch the hearts and feed the spirits of so many because of your generous support of our Mission of Compassion. Faithful partners in RDC ministries, you walk with us as we pursue the inspired vision of our Founders, being God's compassionate presence in our world.

We hope we can continue to count on your financial support this Christmas, knowing that your gift will be directly applied to our mission and the needs of our sisters who continue to give without counting the cost. As we remember you in our Christmas Masses, prayers and good works, we pray that you and your loved ones may receive God’s choicest graces today and throughout the New Year.

Sincerely in the Divine Compassion,

Sister Laura Donovan, RDC

President of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion


If you would like to donate to the 2018 Christmas Appeal online, click on the Donate Button above. Alternatively look for the Christmas Appeal letter in the mail.