Sponsored Ministries

Sponsorship describes the special relationship between the Sisters of the Divine Compassion and several of our corporate ministries.  It represents our commitment to focus on mission, stewardship, and lay leadership in collaboration with dedicated administrators, staff, boards and volunteers.

Divine Compassion Spirituality Services
Whatever brings you here—your hunger for solitude, a retreat or workshop, a prayerful place to simply be—we hope that you find here the container that will hold you gently.
Preston Center of Compassion
Is a welcoming community responding to the needs of low income women, children and families in the Bronx—where hearts connect and lives are transformed through a variety of services and empowerment programs.
Preston High School
A holistic education which addresses the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions of life is the theme that connects our academic and co-curricular programs and encourages a freedom of mind and spirit and a commitment to lifelong learning.
RDC Center for Counseling and Human Development
It is a non-profit organization offering counseling services to persons of any nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
RDC Center of Compassion
Nourishing Hope, Liberation and Empowerment.