Mass of the Resurrection Welcome for Margaret Cannon


delivered by Carol Wagner, RDC


Welcome to our chapel of the Divine Compassion where the arms of this statue of Jesus -  welcome us…  

Arms very similar to those of Sr. Margaret Cannon whose warm embrace and heart welcomed each and every one of us – whether we knew her as Sr. Mary Pierre, Ginger or Margaret, whether we knew her as a teacher, mentor, sister, cousin or friend.

Throughout her years in our congregation, Margaret was a woman of deep faith, great humor and, more important, a compassionate presence to each of us, her students,

and all those she worked with. 


When I was 22, I entered the RDCs on Labor Day.  The very next day Sr. Mary Pierre became my boss.  As department chair of both the science department and guidance department,

I was assigned to teach 2 Junior chemistry classes at GCA, and cover all the freshmen and sophomores for guidance,

while she dealt with the Juniors and Seniors. Whether it was Margaret’s idea, or Mother Louise Cutler – I was then sent to set up a new Chemistry lab for the high school… which would also be my homeroom -  where?

in the sisters old laundry room, next to the plant boiler, in the lower parking lot… 


During that very first week of school, as a brand new teacher and guidance counselor, Margaret embraced me as a mentor and friend -  helping me learn all the ropes and tricks she knew – enjoying every moment of teaching and guiding our

students to academic success, while having fun and becoming part of the Divine Compassion community. 


This is the Margaret whose life we celebrate at this Eucharist today!  Someone who knew and loved us well…  Someone who made each student and co-worker feel at home…  Someone who traveled to Haiti to embrace and minister to families living in destitute poverty, and then she educated us all back at home about their needs…


Today we celebrate that welcome she received on Friday morning from her parents, family, and dear friend Marie Bradshaw… back into the arms of Divine Compassion –  as she returned home to God.


As we celebrate this Liturgy of Resurrection for Sr Margaret Cannon,

let us smile and open our hearts to life and to each other,

as she did, embracing all, and filled with gratitude to God

for the gift she has been to us,

and for the legacy of compassion we carry from her

in our hearts and lives to the world of today.