Mary Beth Maney in Her Own Words!

My name is Mary Elizabeth (Mary Beth) Maney, RDC. This (2013) is a banner year for me, having been born in Geneva, N.Y. in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State on August 15, 1923. I marked 62 years as a Sister of the Divine Compassion on September 8, 2013. Also, my mother and father were married l00 years ago this year October 22, 1913. I am the last one of their seven children, four boys and three girls. Monsignor John Maney, oldest, was ordained in Rome, Italy, in 1939 and served as Vicar General of the Rochester diocese under Bishop James E. Kearney who had a life-long connection with Good Counsel College and the Sisters of the Divine Compassion, hence my entering the community.

I am the community’s only Veteran, having served in the U.S. Coast Guard SPARS in World War Two. I had completed secretarial school so had clerical assignments in the service. I was grateful as a Veteran to be able to use the G.I. Bill of Rights to pay for two years of college credit. My Spar service was a valuable preparation for God’s service with its daily fixed horarium and strict regimen.

My religious ministries have included 15 years of teaching in our elementary schools and over 20 years as the Undergraduate Registrar at Good Counsel/ College of White Plains/Pace University where computers gradually took over manual registration operations.

In 2001, I celebrated 50 years as a Sister. That June, I was saluted at the University of Albany, New York, where I had received a Master of Science degree in 1973. The University dedicated a 36- foot mural, a Veterans Wall of Honor inscribed with the names of over 3,000 alumni veterans. My Spar portrait from 1944 is one of 5 large paintings featured and centered on the mural.

For my 50th jubilee, I visited Ecuador, South America for 2 weeks at the invitation of my Maryknoll cousin, Thomas J. Maney, M.M., who was involved in renewing base parish communities. I have also been privileged to travel to the Holy Land and to the shrines of Our Lady at Knock in Ireland, Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal.

How blessed I am—proud and honored to have served my country and my God as a Sister of the Divine Compassion and in this year 2013, glad to answer, “Here” as I continue my prayer ministry and give thanks to a Compassionate God for 90 awesome years.