A Tribute to Miriam Moran at the Good Counsel College Reunion

So many tributes poured in to celebrate the wonderful life of Sister Miriam/Mary Charles.   Listed below are some selections which represent the many who spoke of their beloved teacher with admiration and affection.

Sr. Miriam…

 …reminded me of Greer Garson.  I was a freshman when she was a senior at the college… and I remember her acting on stage. She was great!

…was a wonderful part of those years when we discovered learning and truth in the excitement of our wonderful classes and in the true compassion of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion.  A golden time, never to be forgotten, a time that still influences every day of my life. As a high school history teacher, who had been taught by Sr. Miriam, I continued to see this great teacher as a positive role model; she remains very dear to me.

Thank you for helping me receive the best education in the world. Your leadership and devotion have enabled a career, a good life and a spiritual nature.

…gave us great advice as young women: Be ‘a lady, a scholar, and a saint.’

Teacher and mentor par excellence, she modeled the harmony of mind and heart as scholar and compassionate tutor of history and so much more. A true “PRO,” she caught us up in the love of history and demonstrated an intellectual vigor that added excitement to our studies. Ever in touch with contemporary literature, she taught (teaches!) that lesson as well. I am personally indebted to Sr. Miriam for ‘raising the bar” of my college experience and ever reminding us, her students, that life invites fullness of experience and joy.

…made history, a subject that could be dry, interesting and relevant. Students knew that sister cared about their well-being which made her classroom a very worthwhile place to be spending time and effort.

Thank you to my teacher, mentor and friend! You have had a tremendous impact on all of us who had the good fortune to have you a part of our lives. Love from one of the “Ems.”

It is a pleasure to honor Sister Miriam who was my high school teacher (GCA) and college teacher (GCC). Thank you, Sr. Miriam!

…was a guide and mentor during my college days. She helped me through a difficult family crisis. And, despite my disdain for history as a subject, her flourishing presentations eventually won me over and today I’m and avid fan of all things political.

When I was still in college and trying to graduate, Sr. M. Charles saw me at registration, inquired about my needs, and after many of my own failed efforts to conclude my studies, she arranged for me to take the one course I needed over the summer so that I could move on with my plans to teach. Thank you for all you did for the students of Good counsel College. 

Because I was a transfer student, I never had Sr. Miriam for Western Civilization. Our relationship began when I returned to Good Counsel to teach, then to become Dean and President. In those years as colleagues, we became very close. Times were difficult, but Miriam’s upbeat attitude and unflagging energy inspired me.

A true leader! The world needs more Sister Mary Charles’s!

When first introduced to Good Counsel, my Dad and I often spoke about how beautiful she was.

…the best history teacher I ever had; she even made me like it! – and I still do.

…is so deserving of this honor!

I appreciate having had a fabulous professor!

Ever a grand lady!

My earliest memory ~ Sr. Charles was still wearing a white veil (a novice) and trying to impart some knowledge of English literature to a bunch of ignorant young savages like me. I remember the note she wrote on one of my papers: ‘and still did I pine for the perfect, and still found the false amid the true. I longed for a vision of heaven, and caught a mere glimpse of its hue, and wept when the clouds of this world veiled even that glimpse from my view.’ The ink and paper have long since crumpled into dust, but the memory remains of the young nun who inspired me to engage in a lifelong study of the written word.

When you taught Western Civilization, I remember you said, ‘history is not black or white, but shades of grey.’ I passed that on to my six children. My fondest memory of you was after I left GCC and came back to visit you with my oldest daughter who was seven months old. You took her on your lap and she proceeded to teethe on your rosary beads. She later went to Pace and also had Sr. Mary Teresa Brady for English. Thank you very much for these special memories and I wish you good health and God bless you.

Miriam, my dear, many decades ago you picked up this ‘kid,” trudging to the Academy as you were driving to the college. How many, many years that we spent driving to New York, solving my ‘problems’ along the way. For all these years of sharing, I say THANK YOU and BLESSINGS.

THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO FINISH MY SENIOR YEAR AT THIS Christian university, and graduate with my degree from Good Counsel College.  In August, I will have been happily married to my Notre Dame man for 46 years. I will always remember your kindness and understanding.

I have known Miriam all my life through my aunt Pat. I vividly remember Miriam accompanying me for my 16th birthday with my sisters and friends from school to Playland. I’m not sure that Playland was top on Miriam’s list of places to go, but she was very much present, helping to supervise the group as we went in different directions to take turns on the rides. Miriam greeted me as I got off the Ferris Wheel where I had been stuck up top with my sister swinging the cart back and forth. That was when I discovered I was afraid of heights. I was probably very pale when departing from the ride, but Miriam was there cheering us on and moving us to other rides.  In college and after graduation, working for Pace University, I got to know Miriam through her work in higher ed administration. She was one of few women who were a part of the senior administration at Pace. She delivered many presentations on new strategies to help our department in recruiting and retaining students. She was someone I looked up to as a mentor and who influenced my decision to pursue a career in higher education. I hope that in my current role within higher ed, I am able to demonstrate the same commitment and compassion that she showed in servicing students. Thank you, Miriam, and CONGRATULATIONS!

I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL TO Sr. Miriam for her guidance and support during my college years and during my teaching stint at Pace University. Her words of wisdom, ‘Maturity is the ability to see the consequences,’ have had a profound influence on my life and, I am sure, countless others.

…a treasured friend since our first day at GCC in September ’39 and I am happy to recall many special occasions. This tribute is so well deserved by you. We all thank God for His blessings to us.

I am happy that you are being honored for your many years of dedicated service.

…will always be a big part of the very happy memories I have of my college years at Good Counsel…and I wish her the best always.

Many thanks for your encouragement and support during my college years. God bless you with many healthy years.

It is not at all surprising that Sr. Miriam is being honored. Even fifty-eight years ago, when I was a lowly freshman and Miriam a senior at Good Counsel College, it was obvious that she was an admirable role model. I am happy to add my good wishes and congratulations.

I will always remember your true compassion, gentleness, and kindness that you showed to all. Your Western Civilization class left me with wonderful memories of a dedicated educator…and you were an inspiration to me throughout my career in education. Thank you for being there for all of us.