A Toast to Margaret Keogan for her 60th Jubilee

delivered by Jane Keegan, RDC

Margaret Keogan has a deep love of family and friends. She also has a love for all things Irish, and cherishes her Irish heritage. You won’t be surprised then to hear that she roots for Notre Dame, the “fighting Irish.” Margaret is an avid sports enthusiast; she is also a die-hard fan of the Mets and the Giants. How’s that for loyalty. Cheer up, Margaret. This morning on TV Mayor Bloomberg said he hopes there will be a subway series before he leaves office. With your support behind the Mets, Margaret, maybe the Mets can just pull it off.

Whatever Margaret does, she gives it her all -- 150% -- in her quiet, gentle way. Margaret has a special place in her heart for Mt. Carmel School, teaching English and math there for almost 50 years. She also headed the sports program at Mt. Carmel for almost 50 years. Last St. Patrick’s Day I went to a luncheon in the city where I was introduced to a number of successful businessmen, young and old. When they heard I was a Sister of the Divine Compassion, many told me that Sr. Margaret had taught them at Mt. Carmel. They couldn’t sing her praises enough. They almost seemed to be saying, “She made me what I am today.” I felt very proud and honored to be one of her sisters. By the way, Margaret is also a movie buff, so if you’re ever looking for someone to see a movie with, give her a call.

Margaret has faced many difficulties and losses in her life. We are truly inspired by the way she has endured them with a quiet, gentle strength and an indomitable faith. In celebration of her 60 years as a Sister of the Divine Compassion, let us also sing Margaret’s praises as we raise our glasses in blessing.