Community Membership

“What ought to be our gratitude to God who has brought you here and made you a part of it all.”

Mother Mary Veronica

As Vowed Women Religious

To be a Sister of the Divine Compassion is live the gospel call as prayerful women gathered in community in service to the people of God.

The vows of poverty, celibacy, and obedience that we profess express our embrace of a life characterized by simple living, inclusive loving, and attentive listening.

After the example of Jesus and our founders, we are challenged to step out beyond our comfort zone and attend to the cry of the marginalized in our world ~ to see our culture, our society, our world and ourselves with new eyes, a ready heart, and a courageous and eager spirit.

Becoming  a vowed member of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion is an ongoing process during which we are drawn more and more deeply into Divine Compassion spirituality  and congregational life.    Each step of the way– affiliation, candidacy, novitiate, temporary vows –is the opportunity for mutual discernment for the prospective member and the congregation. 

Click here for a more in-depth description of the process of becoming a Sister of the Divine Compassion.  


As Associates

Beginning in the mid-’70′s a movement among women’s congregations was beginning to gather strength. It expressed the spiritual yearnings of people of faith both married and single, women and men, Catholic and other, to search for ways to deepen spirituality, and the requests to congregations of sisters for a formal connection to enable this to happen.

In December 1981 five women became the first Associates of the Divine Compassion, Today more than 75 women, men, and several couples are bonded with us  in our mission, take the Divine Compassion spirit of ministry into places we never would have dreamed of, and have become partners in our mutual spiritual growth.

Within the context of their individual lifestyles associates are invited to participate in various aspect of congregational life:

  • congregational spiritual events, local faith sharing groups and other spiritual activities,
  • the communal social life of the congregation,
  • meetings, gatherings, and processes having to do with the mission of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion.

To view a slideshow of the commitment celebration of our new Associates click here.


As Companions in the Divine Compassion

The Companions in the Divine Compassion are women and men who choose to commit themselves to a life oriented to contemplative living and spiritual partnering in the Divine Compassion tradition and in relationship with the Congregation.

This is made through a public affirmation of their commitment to integrating the charism of compassion into all facets of their lives.   

.As non-canonical members Companions are called to 

  • develop a regular rhythm of prayer and reflection.
  • participate in the life of the larger community
  • engage in personal and communal discernment on the path to spiritual maturity
  • engage in a ministry of compassionate service.  This may be one’s primary occupation or voluntary service.   
  • make an annual financial contribution to the Companions according to one’s means. This is reviewed and renewed annually.

To learn more about the Companion life click here.


For information on these membership opportunities in the Community of the Divine Compassion, contact Sr. Susan Becker, Vocation Minister at: